Cows on Boundary Street by Stewart Shuker in Brisbane

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Cows on Boundary Street by Stewart Shuker in Brisbane

Cows on Boundary Street

I was commissioned by a developer to paint a 50m length of construction hoarding. There was a lot of community dislike of this development on Boundary Street in West End. I decided to paint a series of soothing cows in a loose style based on some charcoal sketches. I used acrylic paint like I would use charcoal and did most of these paintings with my hands, gloves and a flat painting pad. I chose the background colours from a couple of trees which were still standing behind the fence. The mural became a lightening rod for the project with people coming and throwing paint on them in the evening and me repainting them the next day. In the end I painted over and over this 50m section of wooden fence many times over. I was spat on and shoved around whilst painting, it was quiet an experience. For a couple of years after the development, the cafe over the street wouldn't let me sit in his cafe "that's your side of the street' he would say. Such is the power of art. The developer could have put signage up or left the fence unpainted, but he would have had the same issues with graffiti and people trying to use the space to voice their displeasure with the project. At least with me there I could repaint and to e honest the developer came to love hearing the stories of what happened out at the fence each day. In the end there was a security guard on my work 24/7. I felt like I had my work up in the Louvre!!

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Brisbane, Australia

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