Bomba Dancer by L.A. Pagán in New York

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Bomba Dancer by L.A. Pagán in New York

Bomba Dancer

This painting marks my first creation since my recent spiritual journey to Cuba in mid-July 2023. In an attempt to explore new possibilities, I decided to experiment with a different brand of paint. One positive aspect of this paint is its glossy finish, which adds a vibrant touch to the artwork. However, it does come with a drawback - it takes a bit longer to dry. Initially, I encountered some frustration as the paint seemed to collect in the center, prompting me to use a rocking motion to redistribute it across the wood board. As a result, the painting now showcases an intriguing texture, with two distinct layers of paint. When observing the piece as a whole, one can't help but feel a sense of movement reminiscent of a Bomba Dancer twirling in a voluminous skirt.

Availability : Available

Medium : acrylic paint

Collection : abstract

Size: 30in (W) X 30in (H)

Price: $2,600

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New York, United States

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