10 Incredible Art Commissions of 2022

Book An Artist has had a spectacular year full of amazing art commissions and incredible business growth. Some huge achievements for the business have included Book An Artist Pay and the strengthening of our relationships with both our customers and artists. We’ve loved sharing the work artists have been churning out and we can’t wait to see what 2023 brings!

We’ve picked these commissions off Book An Artist milestones – as there is simply no way to form a list of the best art commissions. Every artist and every artwork is unique and we would never dare to compare. We want every artist on our platform to know how tremendous their work was and whilst we can’t share every single commission we appreciate the awesome work by every single artist.

We love seeing what you create and the projects you land, so remember – tag us at @bookanartist.co to be featured or re-shared. But, without further ado our 2022 list of art commissions that we’re super excited about (in no particular order)!

1. First art commissions in Canada

It’s no secret Book An Artist has big dreams of global expansion – 2022 opened up several new cities and countries, but a big leap was Canada. One of the first commissions was by Anya in Vancouver! Anya painted a gorgeous scene for a couple looking for a mural to match their picturesque surroundings.

“Anya helped us create a beautiful mural in our backyard. She took our feedback for our nature inspired scenery request and made multiple adjustments to find the perfect design. Anya was very flexible with the weather and ensured that the final artwork was perfect! We highly recommend using Anya for any mural or graffiti artwork.”

Kieran, Book An Artist Customer.

Anya’s mural for Book An Artist customer, Kieran.

2. Workshop for Adidas

We love seeing more and more workshops run by our artists coming through the marketplace. Artists can be hired to host workshops for parties, events, schools, hens and bucks nights and many more! Artists will host a class and interact with patrons to guide them through the painting or drawing process.

Adidas wanted to launch their new shoe with a bang and there was no better artist to help them other than LeSpleen. Outside the Adidas store on Brick Lane in Shoreditch, United Kingdom, LeSpleen painted a futuristic mural featuring their new shoe designs before hosting a workshop in store. It was an awesome day with lines around the corner to get creative and try the new Adidas styles!

LeSpleen assisting patrons and helping them create art.

3. TGIF Massive Monster Mural

14.2m long, 21 days, 206 hours of painting – Megan absolutely smashed this huge mural for TGIF in Brisbane, Australia. We’re always so excited to see large chain brands commission local artists to paint their walls. Art commissions are so much more exciting than boring bricks or wallpaper. View the video on our Instagram.

“Megan recently did a mural for our business and she absolutely nailed the brief! We’re so happy with the creativity and professionalism Megan had. She was a pleasure to work with and happy to revisit anything we had comments on. Thanks so much Megan, we’e so happy!”

– Demi, Book An Artist Customer. 

4. Live Painting for NoVacancy Hotel + Accommodation Industry Expo

Two days. Two artists. One massive mural. Book An Artist brought mural art to the NoVacancy Hotel + Accommodation Industry Expo in Sydney, Australia! The expo is the biggest and most important annual event for professionals in the hotel and accommodation industry. Sydney mural artist, Alessia and creative assistant, Dan demonstrated their live painting skills to show patrons the brilliance of mural art. It was super exciting to be a part of such a fantastic weekend!

Alessia’s mural was painted in two days in front of crowds of people attending the expo.

5. Supporting over 700 artists on Book An Artist

Whilst this isn’t a commission it’s an exciting announcement nevertheless… Book An Artist officially has over 700 artists using the platform. Knowing we are continuing to expand across cities, states and countries and getting to know new talent is indescribable. Our biggest cities have launched more art categories. We’ve welcomed new artists from new countries such as Canada and the United States. We’ve even had artists recommend their friends and colleagues to join the platform. It’s truly a wonderful experience getting to see new artists from across the globe grow and build their businesses.

Melbourne artist, Damian, posing next a sport mural he painted for customer, Eliza.

6. Find us at Chatime!

When it comes to brewing tea, Chatime likes to push the boundaries. Chatime is constantly searching for fun ways to bring a little zing to its T-breweries, including hiring local artists to level-up their stores. The end of 2022 brought us to a whopping 17+ murals and vinyl artworks commissioned. Chatime is expanding rapidly, with plans to have 200 Australian stores operating within 12 months. We’re so glad to be working alongside them to create exciting, energetic stores! Read more about the one of the design processes: Chatime Engages Mural Artists to Create Custom Artwork for its Australian T-Breweries.

Chatime is constantly searching for fun ways to bring a little zing to its T-breweries, including hiring a Melbourne mural artist, Fausto, to design custom original artwork.

7. Hyatt Centric Melbourne Murals

It’s always a good feeling when a client comes back for more and more! Hyatt Centric loved working with Damian so much, they commissioned him to paint multiple murals AND a live canvas painting to reflect Melbourne, the Hyatt Centric hotel and the surrounding streets. Damian painted outside walls as well as interior stairwells and staff hang-out spots for employees to enjoy.

Located on Downie Street in Melbourne CBD, this mural included items relevant to the history dating back to 1850s.

8. Celebrating Aussie Female Mural Artists

We received a lot of love for our article ‘10 Game-Changing Australian Female Mural Artists‘ and we totally know why! It’s no secret that street art is a difficult path to navigate. Many artists fight tooth and nail to land jobs and create a name for themselves. Traditionally, graffiti and street art have been male-dominated. Through dedication to their craft, these women have built reputations and painted massive walls with intricate designs across the country. We asked these wonderful female mural artists to share their experiences working in the art world and the challenges they may have faced in creating a space for themselves.

We got to have awesome conversations with wickedly talented artists and we can’t wait to host more of these interviews into 2023.

art commissions
Story Of A Diaspora by Katherine Gailer.

9. Canvases and canvases and more canvases!

It’s no secret that the world of canvas paintings is a difficult niche to crack into – but we want to supply plenty of opportunities to our artists who don’t just paint walls. Throughout 2022 our presence amongst the custom canvas niche increased and we’re now supplying canvas painters with regular job opportunities. We’re so excited to see this category grow and love the gorgeous portraits, scenes and unique designs being painted and created.

“This is my very first attempt to commission an artist to complete an abstract portrait and I am over the moon with Neha’s art piece. Neha listens well to my needs, she detailed the brilliant work beautifully and exceptionally well. I highly recommend you to reach out to Neha.”

– Esther, Book An Artist Customer. 

Commission your own custom painting and connect with an artist via Book An Artist.

10. School murals and workshops.

We love seeing artists get the opportunity to host workshops and paint murals for schools. We’ve been so lucky to see more of these art commissions happen throughout 2022, particularly Maxim & Rozelle‘s mural for Yass Public School. After getting interrupted by COVID, Maxim and Rozelle painted a design inspired by over 350 Yass School students. Read more about the mural process: A schools search for a mural artist, after COVID-19 interrupts plans.

Learn about the Benefits of School Murals via our blog.

It’s never too soon to start thinking about your 2023 plans! We can’t wait to see the colourful commissions that come through the platform next year. Artist for hire near you can be found through Book An Artist. Commission mural and street artists, canvas painters, illustrators, portrait artists and more for projects of super size proportion or smaller personal projects. Artwork designs may feature people, beach and seascape, landscape, abstract, animals or still life. We’d love to see more home murals, office murals, corporate and commercial murals, pub/bar/restaurant murals, community art murals and school murals on next years list!