Below is our e-interview with amazing Haser. We are lucky to be working with Haser across different projects. He is one of most extremely talented out there.


1.Tell us a bit about yourself and one thing that most people don’t know about you?


Hello, I go by the name Haser, I’m a New Zealand artist now residing in London. I have pretty much been making art since I was a little kid and am pretty amazed that I’m still an active artist today.


2. What is your fondest personal memory in the world of painting? We love a good story.


I’ve been painting for so long that it’s really hard to pinpoint a favorite memory, but the things that always make everything seem worth it is being flown to different countries to make art. I would say my favorite trip was definitely the time myself, BERST and FECKS went to Asia for 5 weeks to paint as much graffiti as possible and were also asked to judge the ‘Wall Lords Asia’ graffiti battle in Taiwan. Another dope trip was when myself and the rest of the TMD crew were invited to Miami for “Primary Flight” in 2010, I was pretty young back then so everything seemed so much more epic.


3. Who inspires you to do what you do?


When I was growing up, it was certainly my Dad, he has always been an incredible artist and I guess I always wanted to follow in his footsteps. I would say now, it’s my friends around me that are also pursuing the same goals. Trying to self fund your art career is an incredibly hard thing to maintain, but when you look around your close circle of friends and see that they are finding it just as hard but continue to keep grinding, it’s generally a reminder to yourself to stay focused and continue to be persistent towards your goals.


4. What is the favorite piece of art that you have created? Give us a picture


That’s kind of hard to answer, I know there’s my favorite art and then there’s the art I know the public enjoy. My favorite piece is probably the flamingo I drew with sunglasses and titled it ‘Fly-Mingo’ and then got it tattooed on myself. It’s a super simple image but it probably best represents me as a person. I imagine the public prefer some of my more detailed pieces as it displays a level of talent that has a wow factor. But ultimately, I think I just prefer art that makes me think ‘Why’, rather than ‘How’.


5. Who would you rather be Banksy or Picasso and why?


In all honesty, neither of them. It’s not that I don’t respect them, they are probably the greatest of their generation. But I’m pretty focused on being myself at the moment.


6.What is the biggest difference you have found in regards to street art in London Vs New Zealand?


There’s more of it in London haha. London certainly has more of a street art vibe to it where artists like to make art in the streets, New Zealand still has a heavy graffiti influence, so most of what you see in the streets comes from the graffiti community. I like both of them though, at the end of the day, any art is better than no art.


7. What are you looking forward to?


Summer, hopefully, I can paint a lot more this summer. When I arrived in the UK last year I spent most of my time looking for somewhere to stay and work that I missed a lot of opportunities. I certainly want to paint a lot more in Europe as well. I also wanna have a few exhibitions while I am here and paint some more murals.

Graffiti Artwork by Haser
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