Wall paper has been in existence since the 16th century, and was originally used to decorate smaller areas like the inside of cupboards. By the 19th and 20th century wallpaper was everywhere, EVERYWHERE. Ever walked in to a classically mid century home and the patterned walls are melting into the psychedelic carpet and you doubt your own sanity, just for a second?  Wallpaper now, in the early new Millenia, is making quite the comeback. Renters who have accepted the likelihood of affording their own home in the foreseeable future is slim can decorate with modern wall paper without changing the integrity of the house. Boujee celebrity homes can decorate themed rooms with specialised wall paper, nothing like a repeat jungle motif to really give the middle of LA a “nature” feel. And English countryside dwellers can relish once again in wearing head to toe paisley and blending-in completely with the living room wall.


A painted Cathedral ceiling sourced from {pinterest.com}

A painted Cathedral ceiling  sourced from {pinterest.com}


Contrary to wallpaper is the raw human-powered creative force of creating murals, a decorating technique that dates back to our primates. From historical events scribed into the side of caves, to entire cathedrals painted with gold infused lacquer, to walls painted in rare blue pigment that exude’s wealth; tailored interior design is a human delight that celebrates individuality and the beauty of artisan craftsmanship. Modern day murals can now be created on almost every kind of surface, indoor or outdoor. With technology improvements in non-toxic paints, and weather proof paints, it is more viable than ever to add that truly personalised touch to your home, entertaining area, or business.


Indoor mural by Ashely Martin (image source pinterest.com)

Indoor mural by Ashely Martin (image source pinterest.com)


For the avid decorator, there is such a thing as wallpaper-murals, which is basically feature wall paper that “looks” like a mural. Quick, handy, and cheap. What is missing from this combination is the craftsmanship, the personalisation, the human interaction, and the beauty of bringing a creation to life. Feature wallpaper has it’s perks, but it also tunes in to an industry of mass production and over-consumption. The age old saying a “poor man buys twice” definitely reigns true, when something is “cheap” there are three questions one must ask themselves. How is it possible this product can be cheap? Would something of quality be able to be this cheap? Do I want to support a world of unethical practices? If your morals were a little bruised answering these questions then perhaps the option of saving a little extra and getting your local mural artist to create EXACTLY what you want without any emotional baggage is a totally cool option. Learn more about redecorating your humble abode via How to Upgrade and Maintain Your Walls at Home.


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Never fear though, if you have your heart set on trendy wallpaper we recommend doing your research and finding a company that supports local artists and sustainable practices or better still go directly to the artist!


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