Visiting a location before painting seems straight forward enough. A mural is far more extensive and far more unpredictable than a smaller canvas or surface. It makes sense to want to scope out the scene. But wait, stop! Book An Artist doesn’t want you wasting your time, fuel or talent.  There are a few things to consider before your pack up your paints and hit the road.


1. Is the client trustworthy?


We ALWAYS recommend asking for and waiting for your deposit before commencing any work on a project. The first payment means that your time and energy won’t be going to waste. It can be challenging to assess whether or not a client is trustworthy. A deposit takes all the guess-work out of a project. Most people have good intentions, but occasionally, the odd fish can ruin it for everyone else. There will be some trial and error, but Book An Artist is here to protect you from any injustices.


2. Photos first, painting later…


Ask for photos. Large projects in far off lands require a lot of preparation. Use photographs to decipher the shape, size and texture of the wall. Are there intrusive wooden beams blocking your wall? Or, perhaps an infestation of spiderwebs your new client forgot to mention on their mission to hire a artist. Images won’t convey 100% accuracy, but they will help you decide whether or not you’re interested in the job. They can also act as a base for your digital designs providing the client with a clearer idea of the finished product.


3. How unfamiliar is the location?


A sight visit can be extremely beneficial, especially if the job is in unfamiliar territory. Observe the lay of the land and venture where no artist has ventured before. Sometimes photos can’t capture it all, and your eyes are the best way to source any challenges that may rear their ugly heads. What surroundings will you need to consider? A busy street with heavy foot traffic, or perhaps upon inspection, the wall is a lot less sturdy than anticipated. If the location isn’t too far out of your way, a quick drive-by-viewing could save future you a lot of trouble.


There will be some scenarios where sight visits are out of the question. The job might be in another state, or the wall may not even be built yet. Photographs and dimensions are the key ingredients when forming an idea of the project. But don’t forget to ask about wall textures, surroundings and consider weather conditions before paint-day.


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