Want to commission art? Commissioning art is a unique and personalised way to bring your creative vision to life. Whether you’re seeking a bespoke painting, a captivating mural, or a digital masterpiece, the world of commissioned art offers a canvas for collaboration between you and a talented artist. As you embark on this artistic journey, one of the fundamental questions that arises is: “How much does it cost to commission art?” The answer to this question is as diverse as the artistic expressions themselves, influenced by an array of factors that shape the final price tag. It depends entirely on how complex the design is, the abilities of your artists and their experience. It’s crucial to go into the process with a budget but also an understanding that art takes time and artists need to be paid appropriately for their work. So, what goes into an artists quote?

“Glen was extremely professional, great communicator and so talented. He did a mural on an gnarly looking brick wall in our backyard. Made a huge difference to our outdoor space. The detailing is so beautiful. We can’t wait to have BBQ parties. Feels like we are living in a Melbourne laneway when indeed we are in suburbia.” – Jemi (Mural artwork by Glen from Melbourne, Australia.)

The Design and Complexity

“We commissioned Amber to paint a custom design on the new roller rink floor at Brighton i360. The project was large scale with a tight deadline, Amber went above and beyond to get the design right and the mural painted on time. She was a breeze to work with, always in a good mood and understood the project right from the outset. Her work is bold, impactful and joyful. Highly recommend.” – Amber (Mural artwork by Amber from Brighton, UK).

Much like the varied strokes that compose a masterpiece, the complexity of your artistic vision significantly influences the cost of a commissioned artwork. A piece that demands intricate details, multiple elements, or innovative techniques may entail a higher cost due to the extended time and skill investment required. The more intricate the design, the more you’ll be investing into the masterpiece.

Artist Expertise and Reputation

An art commission by an established artist will undoubtedly cost more than a piece by an artist beginning their journey. Renowned artists may be more in depend therefore they aren’t as available for smaller jobs. If the artist you choose to work with has a following or they are broaching a celebrity status their work could be considered a collectable. Meaning that the value of the artwork will appreciate over time, which can justify the higher initial cost. Established artists may also have agent fees they incorporate into their quote.

Medium and Materials

Whether it’s a traditional oil painting, a captivating digital artwork, graffiti art, or a textured mixed-media creation, the materials used influence the cost. High-quality materials not only enrich the visual appeal but also ensure the longevity of your commissioned masterpiece.

Dimensions and Scale

“Emma has been wonderful to work with. From the very first contact we had, Emma has work with us to shape the design of our mural so that it is something we are delighted to have in our outdoor area. Emma’s beautiful artwork and amazing talent has breathed life into our courtyard area, making is a place where we can relax and enjoy time outside. We highly recommend Emma and look forward to following her career as we are sure she’s going to do amazing things in the art word!!” – Gerardine (Mural art by Emma from Melbourne, Australia.)

The size of your art commission adds a layer of dimensionality to its cost. Larger canvases or wall spaces encompass not only increased material usage but also demand heightened artistic effort to convey your vision on a grander scale.

Time and Artistic Labor

The time and labor invested by the artist are pivotal components in the cost of commissioning art. The creation process encompasses ideation, sketching, refinement, and the final execution, each stage contributing to the art commission and its evolution.

Additional Services and Shipping

“I commissioned this artist to make a portrait of my grandma and he finished it earlier than I expected him to. Easy to transact with and I was really amazed by the details and the similarity between the art and my grandma is uncanny.” – Rhaveneunice (Portrait by Thanuja in Singapore.)

The price of commissioning art extends beyond the canvas, encompassing additional services and logistics. If your project involves framing, installation, or special packaging, these aspects may contribute to the overall cost. Shipping and transportation are also considerations, ensuring your artwork arrives at your doorstep, ready to grace your chosen space with its beauty.

Remember that the cost of commissioning art is not solely determined by numbers; your custom piece is one of a kind and entirely yours. As you begin the art commission process make sure to have open communication, a clear understanding of expectations, and a mutual appreciation for the creative process. So, whether you’re envisioning a cherished family portrait, an awe-inspiring mural, or an innovative digital creation, the cost of commissioning art becomes a worthwhile investment in the fusion of imagination and skill, resulting in a lasting masterpiece that enriches both the artist’s portfolio and your relationships, home or business.