Instagram reel ideas are constantly evolving and changing. There are new trends every day and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. We’ve compiled a list of no-fail Instagram reel ideas that will never get old!

An Instagram Reel is a short-form video feature that allows users to create and share 15 to 60-second videos set to music or other audio clips. Reels provide a way for canvas painters, mural artists and all other creatives to express themselves creatively, showcase their talents, and engage with their followers.

Instagram Reels typically include various editing tools, effects, and options to enhance the videos, such as adding text, stickers, and filters. Users can share Reels in their Instagram Feed, on their profile, and in the dedicated Reels Explore section, where people can discover and engage with a wider range of content from different users.

So, what Instagram reel ideas usually do the best and garner the most likes, views and comments? We’ve compiled the top 10 trending reel ideas for you to try out on your audience.

Top 10 Instagram Reel Ideas

1. “What I Do in a Day” Trend

Your followers and potential future followers want to see what you get up to in your day to day life. Take them with you! Film clips from your day and put the best parts together at the end and show your audience what its like day-to-day as an artist. If you’re feeling up to it – add a voice over and explain what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Sharing parts of your life and letting people see what you get up to is the foundation of many trending Instagram reel ideas.

And here’s the great part: your day doesn’t have to be extraordinary. Simply pick a regular day and share the behind-the-scenes view of your life as an artist, showing the process of creating your art and working on your craft.


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2. Slideshow of your art

Discover an awesome song with an infectious beat, and curate a slideshow featuring your finest artworks. Be it images or video snippets, synchronise the transitions between artworks with the rhythm of the song. This method serves as a fantastic means to effectively flaunt your creations. It offers a quick and comprehensive glimpse to your audience, allowing them to absorb a wealth of information swiftly. When numerous pieces are presented in succession, viewers are more likely to stumble upon something they find appealing.

Better yet if you can exhibit a compilation of your top creations within a single frame, seize the opportunity! Various techniques exist to swiftly showcase your premier art, as exemplified below:


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3. Before vs. After

Certain Instagram reel ideas need a bit of setup. Before diving into your painting or starting a commission, capture plenty of footage of the blank canvas before any paint touches it. When you eventually complete the artwork, the striking contrast between the untouched white canvas and your finished masterpiece can be quite striking. Even though these videos entail some behind-the-scenes effort, they are surprisingly quick and straightforward to make.

While your followers appreciate observing your creative journey, many Instagram users who aren’t familiar with you will find it captivating to witness both the inception and the final result within a single video.

4. Answer FAQ’s

Coming up with Instagram reel ideas doesn’t have to be tricky. Sometimes, the simplest approach is to just step in front of the camera. If you’re an experienced artist, your advice could be incredibly valuable to those who are just starting out in the field. You might notice comments or questions from your previous reels – why not respond with a video? Offering assistance to your community not only helps others but also helps you gain followers and establish yourself as a trustworthy source for artists at any skill level.

On the flip side, you can engage with the art community by posing questions in your videos. Spark interaction by sharing a video with a question asking how it works. For example, you could ask, “What’s a good price for commissioned artwork?” or “Which paints are best for working on wood?” Your video will connect with the right audience and create an avenue for artists with various experiences and backgrounds to join the conversation in your comment section.

5. “The Slow Reveal”

One cool trend on Instagram for artists is the “slow reveal.” After finishing a piece of art, many artists film themselves holding the artwork away from the camera. Then, in a short 7-15 second video, they show the art slowly. They might turn the art around or themselves, usually when the music has a strong beat.

Starting the video with the art hidden or with your back to the camera makes people curious. They want to see what you’re revealing, so they keep watching. This trick builds excitement as the art is revealed bit by bit.

It’s not just about showing art; it’s also a nice way to say “hello” before showing your art. This way, people get to know you a bit before you show what you’re proud of or what you’ve made recently.


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6. Time Lapse or Speed Paint

Not particularly chatty? No problem at all! Just get your camera ready and dive into one of the simplest Instagram reel concepts available. A time-lapse or a speed painting reel involves either speeding up a single long clip or compiling several short clips to showcase the evolution of your artwork in a swift and engaging manner.

There’s an undeniable tranquility in witnessing the gradual emergence of a piece, step by step, until its completion. It’s truly incredible to observe artists navigate through the creative process, addressing mistakes, making improvements, and altering elements as they progress in their work. This transparency in showing the artistic journey from rough beginnings to polished end results is a testament to the dedication that goes into each piece.

For viewers who might not fully grasp the extent of time and effort invested in the art-making process, these reels provide an invaluable opportunity to witness and absorb. As they watch your piece come to life in an accelerated sequence, they gain insights into the intricacies of artistic creation. The act of learning becomes visual and dynamic, fostering an appreciation for the dedication that artists pour into their craft.


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7. Show Your Space

Not every Instagram reel concept needs to revolve around your art. Give your viewers a glimpse of your workspace! Sharing your creative environment, whether it’s tidy or a bit messy, is something people enjoy. Fellow artists might be curious about where you keep your finished pieces or all your brushes. And potential customers could find it fascinating to learn about the tools and setup that go into running a business and selling art. Instagram reels are perfect for letting your followers in on some insider insights and revealing what happens beyond the canvas.

Unveiling the machinery of your business, the equipment essential to your craft, and the subtle intricacies of marketing and selling artwork provides an intimate peek into the multifaceted world you navigate. This transparency and authenticity foster a deeper connection with your audience and can pique the interest of potential patrons.


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8. POV (Point of View)

POV Instagram Reels are a super popular way to show things from your perspective in your area of interest. POV stands for “point of view,” so the video you make shows what you’re seeing and feeling, and you share it with your followers. Using POV helps you introduce your experiences to your customers and connect with other artists too. These videos work well for everyone, not just those who are into what you do.

The video below is a perfect example of a relatable POV video. Lots of artists can relate to accidentally getting paint on their clothes, but customers might not think about that as much. Using POV lets you share moments like this and bring your world and the audience’s world closer together, making your story relatable and interesting to a wide range of people.


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9. Create a mess and inspire confusion

Your video doesn’t always have to make complete sense. Art is meant to make people wonder and feel a bit puzzled. Try sharing a video where you’re splattering paint or spraying colours on your canvas in a wild and unique way. Let it look fun and crazy, and then let your viewers guess and chat about it in the comments.

This little trick can encourage people to watch your video all the way to the end, or they might visit your profile to see what the final artwork looks like. It’s a sneaky way to keep folks interested and curious about your creations.


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10. Focus on the art!

Trending tips and and tricks is one way to go about creating reels, another way is to let your art speak for itself! Check out our article on How to Create an Instagram Reel and learn the best way to compile your painting videos. Using the right sound and high quality video clips is truly all you need to create a great Instagram reel.

While your artwork possesses the capability to captivate on its own, having the above collection of Instagram reel ideas at your disposal can undoubtedly add an extra layer of charm.


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