The ocean is a hidden world full of interesting creatures, whales floating by, sharks bearing their teeth and dolphins swimming through the waves.


These animals and their underwater habitat is often a source of inspiration for artists. Each artist’s personal style shows through in their representation of the ocean. Here are some beautiful indoor and outdoor murals featuring deep blue under-the-sea scenes.


1. Mural painted by Jives Art on the side of the Pottery Cafe in Brighton. This mural has been a fixture of the Brighton street art scene since it was painted back in 2006.


2. Mural by Alessandra Tortone for a children’s bedroom.


3. Mural by Aspire Artwork highlighting plastic waste in the ocean.


4. Mural by  Jives Art, painted for Whalefest in Brighton, UK.


5. Mural by Alessandra Tortone for a waiting room in a children’s hospital



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