While street art is often best known for covering walls, many artists prefer a more three dimensional canvas. Staircases are a simple piece of urban architecture that  we usually don’t give a second thought, unless that thought it ‘How many more steps til I reach the top!?’


Here are some examples of street artists subverting the norm, and turning inconspicuous staircases into incredible works of public art. Stairs are a change to play with shape and perspective that you don’t get when painting murals on walls. Keep scrolling to get inspired to paint your own front steps at home!
1. This rainbow staircase in Istanbul.

Image via Thewholeworldisaplaygound.com

2. The amazingly detailed scenes on these steps in Valparaiso, Chile.

Artwork by Mario Celedon

Image via spotstreetart.com

3. This Kaleidoscope of colours and patterns  in Chicago.

Image via Richie Diesterheft / Flickr

4. Music for your eyes? Artwork from Valparaiso, Chile.

Image via Trip Advisor

5. These long steps in a bright geometric design by Dihzahyners in Beirut, Lebanon.

Image via cuded.com

6. This mosaic staircase in San Francisco.

By Aileen Barr and Colette Crutcher, put together as part of a neighborhood project.

Image viacaliforniathroughmylens.com

7. These stunning Koi fish on a staircase in Seoul, South Korea.

Artist unknown. Image via Pinterest.

 8. This work by Xomatok in Lima, Peru titled ‘Snake of Light.’

Image via mymodernmet.com

9. Who says you need to use paint to make art? 

This origami staircase was created by  Mademoiselle Mauricein Angers, France.

Image via  mymodernmet.com

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