Last week we had the pleasure of working with Haser on a mural on Clapham High Street. The piece was commissioned by This is Clapham to bring new life to an old door of an empty building.

Haser created this gorgeous design of a squirrel picking berries in his trademark deep blue palette. We hope everyone walking up the High Street on their way to work, the supermarket or Sunday brunch enjoys the artwork.

Read on below for some work in progress pictures of the door coming to life!

Here’s how it looked originally, a few old tags, split wood around the letterbox and lots of tape left over from old posters. We tried to remove the tape and clean up the door as much as possible before Haser started painting.

The outline of the squirrel went up first.

Thanks to the shop owners next door for lending us their ladder for the morning.

This pidgeon was sitting above the door watching all morning.

Adding some finishing touches…

And here’s the final piece…

Thanks again to Haser for his time designing and painting this artwork, and to This is Clapham for their work bringing more public art to the Clapham area.

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