When you’re trying to encourage a group of fun-loving folk to pick up the paintbrush, it helps to have a little inspiration adorning the studio walls.

At Pinot & Picasso, a ‘paint and sip’ franchise operation with 78 studios around Australia, participants get the chance to discover their hidden talents at the easel – and have a laugh along the way.


Sydney Harbour mural artwork in Surry Hills studio
Mural artist Kailin was commissioned to create this Sydney harbour mural in Pinot & Picasso’s Surry Hills studio


And aside from a little liquid courage jumpstarting the creativity, painters at three studios in Australia can now also be wowed by some colourful professional murals commissioned through Book An Artist.


The platform links up mural artists, street artists and canvas painters with businesses who want help with branding or creating a bespoke customer experience.


Art studio in Surry Hills featuring mural artwork
Pinot & Picasso in Surry Hills, NSW


Custom artwork to boost the customer experience

Pinot & Picasso’s head of brand, creative and marketing, Jess Smith, says franchisees at the Belconnen, Perth CBD and Surry Hills selected individual mural artists to provide some extra flair.


Melbourne-based mural artist Sky travelled to the ACT to paint the Belconnen studio, while in Sydney, mural artist and illustrator Kailin brought the Sydney Harbour to Surry Hills.


Mural artwork in ACT studio
Sky’s mural artwork at the Belconnen Pinot & Picasso studio


In Western Australia, mural artist Imogen added her own unique flavour to the Perth CBD studio.


Jess says Pinot & Picasso’s “mission statement is to bring colour and creativity into every community”.


“With art that sparks joy, brightens the room and allows locals to feel a sense of community, our murals are the perfect way to enhance a customer’s experience while creating a unique piece of art for that specific studio.”


Hiring local mural artists to suit the brand


Pinot & Picasso, founded by high school mates James Crowe and Aaron Carrasco in 2018, has quickly expanded around the country.


Jess says franchisees are guided by the business’ internal studio design manager to bring innovative and eye-catching elements to their particular studio, with the final designs signed off by HQ.


“The mural will often be representative of our brand colours or incorporate the local community, with localised attractions or elements that resonate with the customers.”


Pinot & Picasso studio in Perth, WA
Custom mural artwork at the Perth CBD studio


As the business continues to grow, Jess says head office will happily refer Book An Artist to any franchisees who want to hire a mural artist in the future. 


When you can’t find the right artist on social media…


Dejana Jokanovic, who owns the Surry Hill and Perth CBD studios, says she discovered Book An Artist through a Google search.


“When we were looking for an artist for our Sydney studio, we turned to Google after not finding the right fit for us on social media.”


Reducing the potential stress of hiring mural artists with Book An Artist


Dejana says there’s plenty involved in opening a Pinot & Picasso studio, from finding staff, to promoting the business and learning systems.


Book An Artist took away a huge amount of stress, by helping her to find the right creative fit, and manage communications through the platform, says Dejana.


“It was so much easier and quicker for us to find the right artist as we could look through a ‘catalogue’ and styles that helped us decide the right person, as well as managing our expectations around budget.”


Mural artwork in Perth studio
Imogen’s artwork at the Pinot & Picasso studio in Perth, WA

And on Book An Artist’s review section, Dejana was full of praise for the artist who painted her Perth CBD studio. 


“We loved her professional responses with quick quoting. Imogen provided concepts that we loved straight away, and the design process was very quick,” she wrote. “Her execution in our studio is remarkable and we can’t wait to share it with the people of Perth! Love your work.”


Find a mural artist to bring your franchise business to life.