Hello Reuben, for the readers who don’t know you, give us a quick few lines on who you are and what you paint?


My name is Reuben, I go by the Artist name Reubszz. I’m a 31-year-old artist born and grew up in NZ. I’ve been painting seriously since I was 14. I have a BMA majoring in Painting and Illustration. My style and what I’m interested in has shifted significantly over the years right now I’m interested in portraiture and relationships between people


What is your fondest personal memory in the world of painting? The first best memory that comes to your mind?


There has been a lot! Too many to pick one.. painting has always been a means of escape for me in my younger years and adult life.


What inspires you to paint the artwork you paint? Why do you paint?


As long as I can remember I’ve never not painted… my personal work, looking back has heavily reflected my life and it’s the current state. I suppose what inspires me at the moment is people and our relationships with each other.


What piece of artwork you are emotionally attached to the most? Give us the story and a picture?


I’m pretty attached to most things I produce.. but more recently a piece depicting people that are close to me.


I know you do a lot of charity/fundraising work, tell us about one of them?


I’m hoping to do more soon but recently traveled to Sabu a remote Indonesian Island where I taught art and painted a few pieces the school was started by a good friend who has dedicated her life her money and time to helping these children on this island. I had a show recently in Sydney with all funds going directly to the school and was stoked with the response from people!


What’s next for you? Where do you want to take your artwork in the next 10 years?


I hope to be making art and painting walls around the world. Painting subject matter that I photographed and concepts that I’ve created.


Check out more of Reuben’s artwork here.


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