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I am a New Zealand born, Melbourne based multidisciplinary artist working over mediums of painting, graffiti, photography and graphic design. Best known for my layered approach to glass painting, my experimental practice stands as an evolution of nostalgia and past experience. My aim is to continue to work over an array of mediums, seeking to expand my artistic language and formulate deeper explorations on culture, nostalgia and abstraction. I have strong work ethic, drive and time management skills and I believe my body of work stands as a testament to who I am as an artist. I work very well with clients and am always keeping up moral around me.

I do not mind replicating an existing design

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I really love painting.....anything. Murals, Canvas, Signs, Logos, I got you. I especially love doing digital design work.

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Exhibitions :

-‘Salad’s Garage Sale’
Solo Exhibition - October 2019
@ Backwoods Gallery,   Melbourne,   VIC.

-‘12x12 Exhibition’
Group Exhibition - December 2019
@The Stockroom Gallery,   Melbourne,   VIC

-‘Helping Hoops’
Group Charity Exhibition - November 2019
@ Spares,   Melbourne,   VIC.

-‘When It Rains’
Group Exhibition - April 2019
@ Easey’s,   Melbourne,   VIC.

-‘Lousy Ink Show 2’
Group Exhibition - November 2018
@ Bside Gallery,   Melbourne,   VIC.

Group Exhibition - Curated and Organised by Liam Seear-Budd
January 2018
@ 524 Flinders,   Melbourne,   VIC.

Solo Exhibition - October 2017
@ Soma Gallery,   Melbourne,   VIC.

Group Exhibition - June 2017
@ Linberg Gallery,   Melbourne,   VIC.

Duo Exhibition with Adam Kinninmont
@ Fifty Five,   Melbourne,   VIC.

-'Loser Unit ‘RYGB’ Show'
Group Exhibition - May 2016
@ Brand X Studio,   Sydney,   NSW.

-‘Don’t Change The Song’
Solo Exhibition - February 2016
@ Bangs Boutique,   Melbourne,   VIC

-‘Excess’ Study of Naturally Manipulated Graffiti
Solo Exhibition - September 2015
@ Inky Palms,   Auckland,   NZ.
@ Rooftop Art Space,   Melbourne,   VIC.

Worked with the following major brands :

Something Wonderful and Candice Clothing,