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Xtina Carbone


Miami,United States


Workshops,Interviews,Live painting events,Online Workshop,Tattoo Design,Canvas commissions,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals

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Christina is a full-time artist & semi-retired fire performer based out of Miami, Florida. Classically trained in fine art and a graduate of the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore, Christina has exhibited her work at a variety of commercial and private events over the last two decades in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Brooklyn and in her hometown in Miami. In addition to her colorful oil and acrylic paintings, she has been commissioned for over a dozen custom murals in businesses and private residences in Philadelphia and Miami, as well as several collaborative mural art and live painting events in Miami for The Love Burn 2020 regional Burning Man festival in Key Biscayne and Miami's Art Basel in 2020, and received a grant from The Love Burn in 2022 to bring a multi-part, interactive experiential installation to the festival. ?Her creative works beyond traditional painting mediums includes custom designs for logos, print media and apparel, handcrafted jewelry and accessories, and hybrid digital art pieces blending digitally created and hand drawn components. Starting in 2021, she's dived into pattern and textile design, and her colorful and geometric style digital hybrid paintings are now available printed on leggings, hoodies and more via her online store. ?In addition to visual art, Christina helped create and served as Art Director for The Russian Roulette Variety Show from 2011-2017 and spent roughly 7 years as a professional fire performer with the Philadelphia dance troupe Lux Arati.

I can replicate designs if it suits my style

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Coral Reef Mural
The Chickcharney
Giant Rainbow Cuttlefish - Sepia apama
Coral Reef Mural Big Pine Key
The Skunk Ape
Night Light Jellyfish - Pelagia noctiluca
Faux Window Mural featuring Pete the Cat
The Lusca
Leafy Seadragon - Phycodurus eques
Garden of Eve indoor mural
Rainbow Red Honeycomb Merkaba
Pyramid of Zen
Outdoor mural at the Se7en Seas
Mermaid Bubble Baroque
Crop Circles 2
Bamboo bathroom series
Élan Vital
Puerto Rico
Faux Window Mural featuring Pete the Cat - detail
Elysha & The Botany of Desire
Faux Window Mural featuring Pete the Cat - detail
The Honeycomb Merkaba
Garden of Eve - detail
Bamboo - Night at Wyman Park
Garden of Eve mural - detail
Coral Rock Fossil Dining Room mural




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