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Clare Kenny


| 23-May-2022

I am so grateful we found Cande and to have her artwork in our backyard to enjoy every day. Cande was so easy to work with in developing a design and she is an absolute master with the spray cans… I was amazed at how fast she worked. If you are looking for someone to bring sunshine and happiness to your life via a mural I highly recommend Cande.


Beverley Sheppard


| 03-May-2022

I definitely recommend Candela for your next Mural or artwork to be done in your wall at home or work or anywhere! I have Cande’s artwork on my balcony, my garden shed and brick wall of my driveway. The colours, the creative design, the happiness that the murals depict are magnificent. Candela has so many ideas that she can work with you with. Melbourne is definitely a better and brighter place now that Cande’s murals are here.


Samantha Multari


| 01-May-2022

We would highly recommend Candela to anyone is thinking of getting a mural. We walk past it each day and smile. From our initial chat to the design concepts to the end result, it was a great experience!


Ruth Hamnett


| 01-May-2022

We have been coveting Candela’s wall art since 2020 when we started noticing it around our inner city neighbourhood. Not owning the property we live in, we didn’t think it would work for us but then we talked to Candela and decided on a 2x2 mural on marine ply which we bought and fixed to the fence. We worked together on the concept and colour scheme and loved the sketch Candela made of the mural. We trusted her vision and made no changes (though we could have) and have been thrilled with the result. Candela was super inclusive and our children loved watching the process. It was also very reasonably priced ????

Hi! Im an Argentinian artist based in Melbourne. I have been drawing and doing art all of my life, although it was just around 4 years ago when I decided to take it more seriously and pursue my dreams of living my life as an artist. I have a background in graphic design, I was self taught in painting and drawing until I started doing a Bachelor of Illustration here in Melbourne which helped me to refine my skills. Drawing and painting is my main way of expression. It is actually very hard for me to write about my style or art practice because it is always a very intuitive and expressive process. Every time I design a mural or an artwork, I just shut down my mind and let my hand flow. Every time is different as it depends on whatever Im going through or whatever I feel would work for the space. I consider myself a person that is always trying to find the positive and bright side of things, and I feel that through my art I try to visually bring that perspective into this world. I like to create colourful abstract and figurative compositions that inspire others to connect with their playful creative side. I believe that colour and art are deeply transformative and powerful so when I create a mural I always take into consideration the effect that it is going to have on the lives of others. Based on my experience I can tell that my designs resonate with people from different backgrounds and age groups, from adults to children. Probably because there is a lot of room for interpretation as I try to stimulate imagination so people can create their own stories around them. My intention is always to brighten up spaces, to bring more colour and light into this world and hopefully to make a difference in someone else's day by sharing what I love to do. I like to work in collaboration with your ideas towards the artwork. After hearing your thoughts I like to sketch in my notebook to try to visually conceptualise what you are looking for. I always share my sketching process so I know that Im going in the right direction. After having your feedback on my first ideas, I like to design a refined digital coloured sketch where you can see exactly how the mural is going to look like. Im also open to adapt my style to whatever you are looking for and to expand my practice into new things. I hope my art resonates with you and we can work together to bring a new fantastical world to life that inspires people to appreciate how magical this world could be. Thanks for reading! :) Cande

I can replicate designs if it suits my style

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Large scale projects, public walls, jobs where I can feel free to experiment with my style.

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Hyper realism is not my thing





Worked with the following major brands:

Melton City Council,   Victoria,   Australia
Scienceworks Museum,   Melbourne,   Australia

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